Aluminium backplate

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A backplate is a key component of a buoyancy device. This aluminium backplate is perfect for those wanting to build their own buoyancy device or wanting to replace their old back plate.
It has a universal fitting, meaning it can be adapted for both single and twin tanks BCDs, and measures 40cm in height (15.74 inch), 30 cm in width (11.8 inch) and has a 3mm depth (0.11 inch). This universal backplate is made of aluminum, which ensures maximum resistance against salt-water environments, and durability. Moreover, aluminum makes this backplate very light-weight, therefore making it the perfect component for building your BCD with.?
It is constructed with multiples holes including the harness slots and crotch straps, allowing it to be fitted to most bladders and twin tanks, therefore making this backplate very polyvalent. It comes in anodized black for a slick appearance and the best fit to any bladder.?


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