Compression Wear, Calfs



These Aropec compression calf sleeves are great pieces of equipment for divers as well as for anyone doing regular physical exercises. This pair of Aropec compression calf sleeves can be worn either during the physical effort to help support the calf and help provide more efficient calf movement or during recovery time.
These compression sleeves for your calves are the perfect piece of equipment to help reduce the risks of cramping and fatigue of your claves after exercising. They enable your calves to recover more quickly and increase their strength and power. They are designed to be wrapped around your calves and to provide a high level of compression while supporting your calves so the muscles function naturally.
These compression calf sleeves help reduce the risks of injuries and help increase the blood circulation from your feet to your legs, thus helping the calf muscles to recover more efficiently. They are the perfect product to help divers recover after their dives.?


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