D-ring loops

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This D-ring loop pair is the perfect multi-use accessory for adding versatility and flexibility to your dive gear. This pair of D-rings is designed with webbing loops enabling them to be threaded onto almost any piece of gear that has a strap.? For example, by threading a D-ring onto your weight belt you are then able to attach additional accessories such as a torch or a noisemaker to it.
Moreover, the loop configuration enables the D-rings to be easily slid around the strapping on a harness making them perfect for improving trim while side-mount diving. This pair of D-ring loops are made from stainless steel and nylon webbing providing durability, a long life-span and, most importantly, improving your safety.
With a width of 5cm (2 inches) this?pair of D-ring loops is a highly flexible and practical, yet compact and lightweight addition to your dive gear.


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