DS1000 W LED Torch

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This DS Mini W1000 torch is a Diving Solution brand torch and is the brightest of the range. It provides a powerful wide-angle beam, which makes it a great torch for diving in dark places and for close up underwater macro photography and video. It is also a fantastic product for recreational night diving.
This torch is of a very compact design making it practical to carry in a pocket and in one hand. It is made of aluminum that has been anodized coated therefore ensuring its resistance to corrosion and durability. Moreover, it is sealed by a double o-ring placed between the head and the body of the torch and is designed with an extra long thread to ensure maximum protection against flooding.
It has a battery life of 2.5 hours burn time following the NEMA standards but is usable for 3.5 hours (300 lumens).? The torch has a? maximum depth of 200m, and produces a brightness of 1000 Lumens! It also comes with 2 USB chargeable Lithium batteries, chargeable from a mobile phone charger or power bank via a micro USB cable.


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