Eezycut Line Cutter



This Eezycut trilobite is the forefront of Emergency Cutting Tool (E.C.T.), developed for extreme sports and rescue service providers. Perfect for scuba divers, this advanced cutting tool provides clean and effortless cutting action of nets, line and rope up to 8 mm thick. Its ergonomic design allows a more stable, safer, and quicker cut, and can be used in various dive situations thanks to its double-sided shape. It ensures that the cut is distributed along the entire length of the blades, therefore maintaining their sharpness throughout use.
Measuring 6,5 inches (165 mm) in length and 4,5 inches (114 mm) in width and supplied with a pouch, it is secured in place by a Velcro flap and fits perfectly on a BCD or inside a pocket. The Eezycut Trilobite is also provided with two spare blades making it a long-lasting and efficient essential for divers.


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