Equipment hanger

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Often overlooked, the proper storage of your diving equipment is however essential to it a longer lasting life span. This BCD hanger is the solution to drying and storing your diving equipment in a way that will not damage it.
This BCD hanger is made of a strong plastic material making it resistant to heavy equipment and to corrosion from salt water. It is designed for you to be able to place your full diving equipment on it: your BCD, wet suit, regulator, booties… You will find multiple hooks and holders allowing you to secure your BCD, as well as your wet suit in a way that allows air to circulate around for a more efficient dry time.
It is also composed with a screwing hole in the middle designed for you to fastened your regulator to it, and hang the hoses on either side of the hanger by using its various hooks. This BCD hanger is the essential accessory that will improve the life span of your dive gear.


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