Equipment hanger, Heavy Duty

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The proper storage of your diving equipment is essential to a longer lasting lifespan. This heavy duty BCD hanger is the solution to drying and storing your diving equipment in a way that will not damage it. This BCD hanger is made of a strong plastic material and is the heavy-duty version of other hangers available, making it resistant to heavy equipment and to corrosion from salt water.?
This BCD hanger is the essential accessory that will improve the life span of your dive gear. Simply place your BCD shoulder straps over the hanger, the two bent edges will ensure your BCD stays in place and avoid any risk of it falling on the floor. It is also composed with a screwing hole in the middle designed for you to fasten your regulator to it and ensure your equipment is secured.
This heavy duty hanger comes in black to minimize the visibility of possible scratches over time.?


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