Fingerless gloves



These neoprene fingerless gloves are the perfect lightweight pieces of equipment for divers.? These gloves will offer impeccable hand protection while permitting the diver to retain full control of movement. They are made of 2 mm thick neoprene making them ideal for warm water diving.
They are designed with a Velcro strap enabling you to adjust the fit for better comfort, and a leatherette patch across the palm to ensure better resistance against abrasion. These gloves will provide you with the ideal thermal protection making your dives more enjoyable and will prevent any cuts and scratches when diving on wrecks, or handling diving and boat equipment.
Their fingerless attribute makes them the perfect tool for divers who do not want to give away the full dexterity of their fingers for the protection of their hands and will permit them to use cameras, diving, and boat equipment with full deftness.?


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