Full Face Snorkeling Mask

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A full-face snorkeling mask is a wonderful piece of equipment for snorkeling. A full-face mask is a great option for snorkeling excursions and allows you to get the best sight of the underwater marine life!
This full-face mask is customized by and designed for Diving Solution only, therefore ensuring you of the best quality and value. This mask has an integrated snorkel built in on top of the mask and is designed with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens to ensure maximum safety and conduction of light. Moreover, it enables you to see up to 180 degrees underwater thus giving you the best underwater vision possible. This full-face mask allows you to breath through both your nose and mouth for better comfort as well as allowing you to talk.
Moreover, it is designed with an anti-fog mechanism to ensure your snorkeling excursion never gets disturbed by a foggy and blurry lens.?


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