Garmin Vivomove HR Premium



The Garmin Vivomove HR Premium is an even more stylish version of the Vivmove HR hybrid smartwatch, mix the best of both worlds; with traditional hands and a digital display.? The premium version has a genuine leather strap and premium materials such as rose gold.?
Featuring wrist-based heart rate monitoring, and wellness tools to help manage your life; and fitness.? The Vivomove HR can display steps, floors, calories, distance traveled, heart rate and intensity minutes, plus more.
Using the Garmin Move IQ, the Vivomove automatically starts and stops the activity timer as you begin your activity; for even easier use.? Sync the Vivomove with your phone using the Garmin Connect app, and receive all your SMS, email, social media, etc notifications directly on your watch.? Share your activities, set challenged for yourself or challenge friends; all through Garmin Connect.


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