GOPro camera Double handle

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This double-handed GoPro frame is perfect for producing high-quality underwater videos.? Its slick black aluminium structure measures 12 inches (304 mm) long and 4,33 inches (110 mm) wide and ensures sturdiness and water resistance. It has convenient finger grips on either side of the rectangular frame enabling you to keep a firm hold in order to produce smooth and stable videos while diving. This frame is also very versatile and is suitable to fit GoPro, Sony, and other small cameras. The GoPro quick release mount enables you to secure your GoPro quickly and easily on the frame making it very practical. It has ten M5 holes and is supplied with two M5 SS mushroom screws and two M5 SS grub screws, which can be used to mount your camera as well as extra accessories such as, torches, ball mounts, and clips.?


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