K Type Power Inflator

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This is the complete power inflator set perfect for replacing a damaged or defective inflator, and for divers looking at building their own BCDs.
The power inflator is designed with a simple and easy to use K-style structure, which is composed with a power inflator button for a quick and easy BCD inflation, as well as with a mouthpiece for oral inflation and extra safety. The deflator button is located at the top of the K design and is easily used by pressing and holding it to release air from your bladder. This inflator also comes with a 38 cm long (15 inches) and 2.5 cm diameter (1 inch) corrugate hose with a fixed elbow, therefore enabling you to attach the inflator onto your BCD quickly and easily.
The fixed elbow is not designed with a dump valve and therefore ensures that the whole system stays simple and easy to service yourself.?


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