Pelican Micro Case 1020

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Pelican 1020 micro case, is for sensitive components like mobile phones, etc.? The case protects its contents from crushing, dust and water; the case can be submerged to 1m (3.3ft) for 30 minutes without leaking (in accordance with IP67 standards).? The case features an easy open latch and a karabiner for attachment; it is provided with a rubber liner for extra protection and doubles as the cases o-ring.? Features a Pressure Equalisation Valve, to balance interior pressure.
Interior : 13.5cm X 9cm X 4.3cm (5.31inches X 3.56inches X 1.68inches)
Exterior : 17.3cm X 12.1cm X 5.4cm (6.82inches X 4.75inches X 2.12inches)


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