Signalling mirror

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This signalling mirror is one of the most important and most practical daytime emergency-signalling devices available for divers and adventurers. Directed onto a specific target capable of helping you in the case of an emergency, this 4?x 2? mirror reflects the sunlight and directs beams of light to attract attention.
It is created with a hole in one of the corners that is designed to act as an aiming indicator. The flashes of light created by the reflection of the sun light can be seen at great distances and therefore ensures much greater chances of being seen especially in marine environments. This mirror is of an ideal size and can be securely stored in your BCD or outdoor jacket pocket to be easily accessible. It is made of a quality material and is resistant to salt water environments.
Moreover, this mirror is a perfect device for technical or rebreather divers who whish to perform their own bubble check.


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