Spool with winder, 30m

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This finger spool is the perfect diving accessory for those who do not want to compromise simplicity for practicality and ease of use. This product was developed using the simple design of a finger spool combined with a very practical size to allow you to easily carry it during dives and travel.?
With a small and resistant foldable handle on one side of the spool and a winding knob on the other, the design allows you to hold a firm grip of the spool while easily winding the line. These convenient features make this product the most practical and easy to use dive spool for all divers from beginner to professional. This spool will allow you to keep in touch with surface support during your dive, as well as performing more technical diving.
For your convenience this product also comes with a 30 m line and a snap bolt to which you can attach a SMB or the spool to your BCD


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