Weightbelt buckle, stainless steel, BK-504

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Having your own weight belt?is a benefit, as you can ensure it fits correctly,? all weight belts need a buckle. A weight belt buckle is designed to be threaded and secured onto your weight belt and allow you to slide your weight belt into the buckle, adjust it to fit your size and fasten it safely to ensure it doesn?t come undone during the dive.
This great weight belt buckle is made of stainless steel, therefore making it ultra resistant to heavy weights and to corrosion caused in saltwater environments. It is designed to have a very easy use as it has three openings into which the weight belt can be slid and secured. To ensure maximum safety and practicality, the weight belt buckle is simply opened and closed by pulling or pushing the metal flap.
This weight belt buckle is designed for 50mm (2 inches) webbing for a super resistant and long lasting weight belt.


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