Writing slate



Often overlooked by recreational divers, a writing slate is not only designed for professionals or technical divers. A writing slate can be an extremely useful device for underwater navigation, as you can draw a map of your dive site before starting your dive for example. It is also a great safety device as it can enhance communication between you and your buddy during the dive. In fact, this writing slate allows you to write above and under water, erase and start again!
These writing slates are available in three designs 20 cm wide (7.9 inches) and 28 cm long (11 inches), 15 cm wide (5.9 inches) and 19 cm long (7.5 inches) or 12.5 cm wide (4.9 inches) and 15 cm long (5.9 inches) therefore giving you ample writing and drawing space. It is made of white plastic to ensure strength, durability and resistance to corrosion.
Moreover, this writing slate comes with a black plastic clip which enables you to clip the board onto your BCD during a dive and use it as needed, and a pencil attached to the slate by a plastic coil so you can easily extend it to write on the board.?



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