Apeks DS4 with XTX 50 Diving Regulator


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One of the best combination, and time proven technical divers’ favourite, is definitely the Apeks DS4 with XTX 50 diving regulator. Period.


The Apeks DS4 is basically a DST without the swivelling turret part. It is therefore a fixed first stage, and this design is well liked by staunch technical divers around the world. It is also so light weight, and yet with the dry seal design, it keeps contaminants out the first stage, and therefore able to be cleaner for a longer period of time. With Apeks being known for their over balanced DS4, breathing performance is needless to mention.


The XTX 50 second stage is a compact second stage with inlet heat exchanger and full metal valve barrel for improved cold transfer efficiency. A Venturi lever allows customised control over the air flow within the housing, directing toward the diaphragm for reduced risk of free flowing when not in use and toward the mouthpiece for maximum air flow. A inhalation control knob allows the diver to increase the breathing effort required to open the valve if required.


This model is only available in DIN configuration.