Apeks XL4+ Diving Regulator


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The Apeks XL4+ diving regulator is the latest regulator from Apeks, based on the extremely popular Apeks XL4 platform. It now caters to divers who wants 2 HP ports, wants white, and a glossier satin finished 1st stage. This regulator has been well received by both our males and females customers alike, without failing to hear “Wow!” upon seeing the real product itself!

The 1st stage of the Apeks XL4+ diving regulator is uniquely over balanced, and allows the same pressure of gas flowing regardless the tank pressure. The aggressively styled heat exchanger, also prevents the formation of ice when used in colder water. This unit comes with a grey over moulded end cap that protects the 1st stage from impact damage regardless the hose configuration of the diver.

The 2nd stage of the Apeks XL4+ diving regulator has the same characteristics of its other sibling the XL4. Being small and tough, it is also a popular choice with technical divers having it as both a primary or back up second stage. Featuring the Apeks Comfo-Bite mouthpiece, this second stage is definitely comfortable to breathe from.

A common question we get regarding gears in white, was if it would tarnish over time. Both the white braided hose and second stage of the Apeks XL4+ diving regulator have UV inhibitors in them, and therefore prevents discolouration. The nice blend of grey matched with white, is definitely well thought of by Apeks. This is once again another high performance, compact package, and price friendly diving regulator by Apeks on a proven platform!

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SPG Upgrade: Top up SGD 50 for an upgrade to Miflex 75 cm Carbon HD + Stainless Steel Bolt Snap 75 mm + 52 mm Pressure Gauge White.

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