Apeks XL4 Diving Regulator


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The Apeks XL4 diving regulator is one of our personal favourites here at Dive Box. It is a compact, lightweight diving regulator suitable for diving in all environments including colder water locations. The new 1st stage design (based on the DS4) comes with a rubber bumper to protect the diaphragm that was previously being exposed to the environment. Not forgetting the excellent hose routing on both single and doubles configuration.

The Apeks XL4 second stage features the toughness of the XTX series. When compared to the other light weight diving regulators in the market, this can definitely withstand abuse, even though its small size. Divers can also have the option of changing to Miflex hoses of other colours and lengths, whereas the Apeks Flight diving regulator will require the use of the Apeks hose in extremely limited colours and lengths.

The Apeks XL4 diving regulator is also for technical divers who wants nothing but the best performing cold water regulator in the market. The Apeks XL4 is small, but definitely a tough high performer in disguise!

Limited Promotion: Top up SGD 225 for an Apeks XL4 Octopus + Dive Box Regulator Bag + Dive Box Pressure Gauge with Hose. While stocks last.

SPG Upgrade: Top up SGD 50 for an upgrade to Miflex 75 cm Carbon HD + Stainless Steel Bolt Snap 75 mm + 52 mm Pressure Gauge White.

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