Apeks XTX 50 Diving Regulator


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The Apeks XTX 50 diving regulator is a high performance cold water rated, and uses a fully balanced system for consistent air flow.


The DST first stage uses a balanced diaphragm design for high performance that does not decline at depth or as cylinder pressure becomes low. The internal springs and parts protected against cold water by an environmental seal to help prevent ice crystals forming that could lead to a free flow in extreme cold conditions. The seal also protection susceptible o-rings from contamination and chemical damage. The first stage features two high pressure ports on the main body and four low pressure ports on a swivelling turret that allows convenient hose routing.


The Apeks XTX 50 compact second stage with inlet heat exchanger, features a full metal valve barrel for improved cold transfer efficiency. A Venturi lever allows customised control over the air flow within the housing, directing toward the diaphragm for reduced risk of free flowing when not in use and toward the mouthpiece for maximum air flow. A inhalation control knob allows the diver to increase the breathing effort required to open the valve if required.


The Apeks XTX 50 second stage also features an interchangeable exhaust cover allowing instant switching between a compact and streamlined cover that reduces drag but does not direct exhaled gas around the head or a much wider cover that deflects the gas away from the face.


The Apeks XTX 50 diving regulator is fitted with a black braided low pressure hose as standard. The braided hose improves UV protection compared to traditional rubber hoses and also significantly increases the burst pressure of the hose.

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DIN, INT (Yoke)