Aqua Lung LEG3ND MBS Diving Regulator


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Aqua Lung LEG3ND MBS Regulator is one of the 3 latest high performance dry seal diving regulators, in the latest change of line up. It is best suited for divers looking to upgrade their previous generation LEGEND LX, or if they need an affordable high performing Aqua Lung LEG3ND diving regulator.

The first stage offers an overbalanced diaphragm design, that protects it from the environment, while giving it phenomenal cold-water performance. The new aggressive heat exchanger, which has a bigger surface area, and a co-moulded end cap, gives it excellent resistance to freezing.

It has two high-pressure ports and four low-pressure ports, which are positioned to give optimum hose-routing. It is equipped with Aqua Lung ACD (Auto Closure Device), which keeps corrosive water out of the first stage inlet by automatically closing as the reg is removed from the cylinder valve.

Featuring the Aqua Lung Master Breathing System, this diving regulator allows the diver to fine-tune the breathe through one control knob. This one control does two functions at one time – it controls the direction of air, which alters the Venturi effect, as well as changing the cracking resistance effort. This fell to hand very easily, even with thick neoprene gloves or dry gloves on, and was simple to operate.

The Aqua Lung LEG3ND MBS Regulator comes attached with braided Aqua Flex hoses that are lightweight, and extremely pliable which eliminates any tugging on the mouthpiece. It also comes with dual protectors, and an owner’s manual.

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