Aqua Lung Legend LUX Regulator

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The Aqua Lung Legend LUX is the flagship and best regulator of the Aqua Lung line. There is no mistaking the rich look of pink gold, and this head-turner exudes quality. The tough PVD finish (as with the Apeks XTX Tungsten) will keep its good looks long, and the pink gold is much harder and durable than traditional chrome plating.The first stage of the Aqua Lung Legend LUX is over balanced, and comes with 4 LP ports, and 2 HP ports.

This diaphragm design has proven itself with nothing but superior performance at depth. A unique feature of the first stage is the Aqua Lung ACD (Auto Closure Device). It keeps the corrosive salt water out of the first stage inlet by closing the inlet automatically when removed from the cylinder valve. This keeps the dry seal first stage even cleaner!

The Aqua Lung Legend LUX second stage comes with the MBS (Master Breathing System). This is a new, simple, yet effective way of adjusting the breathing performance. It controls 2 functions at the same time, which is the direction of the air, which then alters the Venturi effect. It also changes the cracking effort, which means that divers do not need to remember to turn the knob to the common Dive or Pre Dive mode.Limited Promotion: Top up SGD 135 for an Aqua Lung Core Octopus  Dive Box Regulator Bag   Dive Box Pressure Gauge with Hose. While stocks last.

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