Aqua Lung Outlaw BCD


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The Aqua Lung Outlaw BCD has received countless compliments, and praises amongst divers since it was launched. It was designed for divers who want a lightweight and minimalistic BCD, that weighs less than 1.8 kg!It also features ModLock™ connectors that allows secure connection of the individual components, yet allows easy removal when you want to. This feature also allows the Aqua Lung Outlaw BCD to create up to 27 different size configuration, so that it really fit every diver perfectly.With the lightweight concept in mind, non-metal Daisy Chain rings are sewn around the wait and chest to attach accessories. The right shoulder strap features an octopus holder, along with a polycarbonate Snap Hook for heavier accessories.Divers can refer to the image of the size chart, and pick the individual components to build up the perfect fitting Aqua Lung Outlaw BCD. Optional weight pockets that can be purchased separately would be the Sure Lock II 10lbs (Detachable), or the 5lbs Trim Pockets (Non-Detachable)The air cell features a retraction band to keep it streamline when there is not much gas is in it. You can choose between a 12lbs for insane streamlining, or a 25lbs lift capacity air cell depending on how much weights you require, and the type of cylinder that you are diving with.

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Weight Pocket Add On

Not Required, Sure Lock II 10lbs ( SGD 110), Trim Pockets 5lbs ( SGD 88)