Aquatec LED-3200 LED Scuba Light


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Aquatec LED-3200 LED Scuba Light


Aqua-Lumen LED Dive Light is a high intensity 500 lumens light that has an incredibly long burn time (50 Hours). This dive light is practically indestructible and maintenance free. The rugged military style casing makes this diving flashlight as really tough as it looks. Furthermore it uses standard 3-C sized batteries to maximize convenience while minimizing operating cost.

Black Color.

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Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • Brand Name: Aquatec
  • Item Type: Flashlight.
  • LED type: Cree XP-L V5
  • Lamp life: 50,000 hrs.
  • Nominal color temparature: 6000K-8000K.
  • Max. nominal rate output: 2000 lumens.
  • Wattage:12W.
  • Waterproof:250m.
  • Burn time: Max 10 hrs (100%-70%), Mm 11-30 hrs (70%-30%), Low 31-5O hrs (30%—1O%).
  • Max. rated depth: 120 m/400 ft.
  • Beam divergence (full angle): 12 degrees.
  • Mode:1 mode (on/off)
  • Lighting Distance: 100-200m.
  • Support Dimmer:Single File.
  • Max. Diameter: 43.5 mm/1.7 in.
  • Battery cell typ: C x 3.
  • Overall length: 192 mm / 7.56 inch.
  • Sandard power consumption: 4.5 V DC.
  • Material: Aluminum with anodizing (head), ABS (boday).
  • Color: Blue, Black, Red, Pink, Green, White, Yellow
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment OEM & ODM available.
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment customization.
  • ⊙ Manufactured by: Aquatec
Dive Light
Dive Light
Dive Light
Dive Light
Dive Light
Dive Light


PAT. M366629


  • Please immerse the diving flashlight in the freshwater for a few minutes after diving every time and dry the flashlight after immersing.
  • Please put lubricating oil on the switch parts after diving
  • Please don’t drop or place your diving flashlight in sands, in case the sands go into the switch parts or screw threads parts.
  • Please keep inspecting the O-rings regularly, and change a new one once they are damaged in time.
  • Please take the battery out of the light when you want the light to ben stored in case of damage caused by battery All the connection parts are all sealed by glue, please do not try to open them.

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Blue, Black, Red, Pink, Green, White, Yellow