Atomic Aquatics BC2


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The Atomic Aquatics BC2 is the latest back inflation evolution, that is incredibly tough, futuristic, and has corrosion resistant materials. It is a radical design departure from the convectional back inflation, and is the Toughest Back Inflation BCD in the world! Not for everyone, but for those who can be in the premium lane, to own the most refined BCD of Atomic Aquatics ever.The Atomic Aquatics BC2 is crafted using a unique double-laminated polyurethane-coated fabric and corrosion-resistant metals. The attractive matte-coated fabric sheds water and will be virtually DRY seconds after surfacing. This exclusive fabric is incredibly strong, and durable to provide years of confident diving. It holds nearly double the pressure of standard BC materials, is virtually impenetrable, resists abrasion, tears and punctures. Self-cleaning, UV and stain-resistant, it also resists chemicals, mould, rot and mildew.The exclusive Atomic Aquatics EZ-LOK Weight Release System enables divers to load weights, whether in or out of the water quickly and easily. Two zippered pouches each hold up to 10 pounds of hard or soft weights (14 pounds for X-Large size).The Ratcheting CAM-LOK Tank Band is the result of Atomic Aquatics engineers rethinking everything. It allows divers to mount and secure a wide range of tank sizes in just seconds. The ratcheting band is similar to the bindings on ski boots and quickly adjusts without the cumbersome weaving of webbing through a buckle. Pressing the over-center buckle locks it down. The strong one-piece band is polyurethane coated and sealed from the elements so it won’t slip, stretch, or absorb water like conventional nylon webbing.Atomic Aquatics BC2 is sold without any inflator. You may choose from A.I Power Inflator, or the SS1.

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A.I Power Inflator Red ( SGD 65), SS1 Stainless Steel Red ( SGD 90), SS1 Titanium ( SGD 195), Extra Small, Small, Medium, Medium Large, Large