Atomic Aquatics Blade Fins

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The engineering term monocoque means “single shell” utilising the external skin to support most of the load area while power is applied through the frame rails. The monocoque structure is connected to the sole plate giving divers a solid feeling like the fin is “bolted” to the foot.

Vertical stabilisers on fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down with every kick. A power performance fin with standard scissor kicks, the Atomic Blade Fin performs equally well with the dolphin and frog kicks preferred by experienced divers. Neutrally buoyant, many experienced divers also add the optional Spring Strap Kit to their Atomic Blade Fins.

US Men’s Shoe Sizes: US5.5 = Small, US6-8.5 = Medium, US9-11 = Large and US11.5-13 = Extra Large

US Lady’s Shoe Sizes: US6-7 = Small, US8-10 = Medium, US11-12 = Large and US13-14 = Extra Large

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