Atomic Aquatics Sub-Frame ARC

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When you learned how to dive your instructor told you the most important part of choosing equipment was comfort and fit. When looking for a mask you also need a great field of vision well this mask was designed to meet those and more desirable qualities. The Sub-Frame two window Mask is a low volume mask, that offers you a wide field of vision and because of its frame design, is one of the most durable masks found on the market today.

This Durability has been achieved with a Sub-Frame that is moulded and bonded directly to the masks silicone rubber skirt. A second frame made of corrosion resistant 316-grade stainless steel protects the nose bridge area and adds strength and ultimate durability. The mask has optical quality glass lenses and squeeze-to-adjust buckles.

The Atomic Sub-Frame Mask offers a new standard feature never seen before in a diving mask. Atomic calls them Ultra-Clear Lenses. What makes Ultra-Clear special? Did you ever notice that normal dive mask lenses have a green tint to the glass? The green tint you see is the result of iron impurities left over in lower quality or window type of glass.


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