Atomic Aquatics Venom ARC Mask


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Atomic Aquatics Venom ARC Mask is a fusion of the Atomic Aquatics Sub-Frame and Frameless Masks. It has a reinforced internal frame that is moulded directly beneath the surface of the silicone rubber skirt. It is a single lens mask that has a high bridge, and tear drop lens design that makes it easy to see your gauges. The buckles are easy to operate, and it can be folded flat neatly during transportation.

While the Sub-Frame and Frameless masks uses Ultraclear glass, the Atomic Aquatic Venom Mask uses an even higher-quality glass imported from Germany, known as Schott Superwhite glass, it allows more light to penetrate than the Ultraclear glass.

The Venom ARC Mask has an anti-reflective coating which allows more light to enter the mask and reduce light reflection. This makes seeing through the mask better above and below the water. Atomic Aquatics developed arc (anti-reflective coating) technology to reduce reflected light and actually increase the amount of available light transmitted to a diver’s eyes. There by results in a greatly improved transmission of 98% of available light, compared to a loss of more than 14% of light with standard green “float” glass used on the majority of masks on the market.

ARC is a multi-layer metal oxide coating process applied to both sides of the ultra-clear lenses. This allows more light to enter the mask by reducing light reflections off the inside and outside surface of the lens. The metal oxide coating is only a few microns thick. ARC will give you clearer, crisper vision. You will see more clearly underwater and objects in the distance will become more defined and acute. ARC also increases contrast and clarity, reduces eyestrain, glare, and prevents ghost images on the viewing area of the lens. ARC is an absolute must for night diving, limited visibility conditions, and underwater photographers.

We stock the latest version that comes with the metal frame at the nose ridge.


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