Atomic Aquatics Z3 Diving Regulator with Z2 Octopus


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The Z3 is a balanced flow thru piston design using atomics jet seat high-flow stainless steel piston. Exclusive high-pressure piston seal system is self-lubricating for low friction and low maintenance. The Atomic jet seat system has no sharp edges that can damage the seat over time, like most competitors' first stages. 


Instead, Atomic uses a conical seat and blunt-end piston. Atomics' valve seats are precision machined from an extremely strong aerospace specification seat material. This design combination is the most reliable seat system in the industry and enables the seat to go 2-years or 300 dives without service.


The Atomic Z2 octopus diaphragm is made from high quality silicone rubber. 


This pneumatically balanced poppet second-stage has atomics patented seat saving dynamic orifice, which unlike most second-stage orifices is a floating valve design that reduces wear on the second-stage poppet seat, when the regulator is not pressurised adding life to this important seal.

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