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Bare ExoWear Pants protects the legs from the environment, and can be used with the Bare ExoWear Front Zip Jacket or Long Sleeve Top. The high cut design is also popular with divers, so they do not expose the belly unnecessarily, and also keeps the core warm.


Bare ExoWear is lightweight, neutrally buoyant, and can be used under a wetsuit or drysuit. The exposure protection garment provides maximum thermal warmth, and also protection against the harshest elements. Bare ExoWear is designed to be versatile, can be matched accordingly, and to be used with most water sport adventures!


The OMNIRED™ Technology has been scientifically-proven to provide more thermal protection than similar technology. Thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric converts body heat into infrared energy and reflects it back to your body.


An inner layer, membrane, and outer layer makes up the 3-Layer fabric that protects from the elements. These layers are water repellant, windproof, breathable, quick-drying, wicking (useable with drysuits), and anti-microbial.


As freedom of movement is essential in the water, the 4-Way Stretch is superior to the standard 2-Way Stretch. By stretching in all directions, it provides more elasticity and breathability of the fabric.


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