Bigblue Battery Charger


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The charger has an LED indicator giving a red light when charging and a green light when fully charged. It is recommended that the battery be removed when fully charged.

  • Battery Charger 15K/26650×6 for the battery pack used in our VL30000P, TL18000P, TL18000PC, and VL25000PM lights. 
  • Battery Charger 18650 for 18650 cell used in the 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 series lights and the HL1000XW & HL1000NP.
  • Battery Charger 32650/26650 to charge BOTH our 26650 and our 32650 cells used in the AL1800XWP, AL2600XWP, VL3500P, VTL3100P, and TL3100P, VTL3500P, TL3500P, & VL4000P.
  • Battery Charger 18650 x 4 for the battery pack used in our TL4500P, VTL5500P, VL5800P, and VL7500P, VL6500-TC, VL7200P-TC, VL8300P, VL9000P lights.
  • Battery Charger 18650 x 4 Supreme for the TL3100P Supreme.
  • Battery Charger 18650 x 7 for the VL15000P-Pro Mini, VL15000P-Pro Tri Color Mini, TL8000P, & CB1500P.
  • Battery Charger 26650 × 8 for VL33000 2018 model (NOTE: 2019 model uses BATCELL21700x8).
  • Battery Charger 21700 x 4 for CB6500p / CB9000p.
  • Battery Charger 21700 x 8 for VL 33000P-II.
  • Battery cell to be used with VL60000P light.  VL60000P requires two of these battery packs for use.