Bigblue CB11000PBRC 11000 lumens Video Light – Remote Control Ready with Built-in Blue Light


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This new addition to the Bigblue Dive Lights photo/video light family is a great choice for the semipro photo/video enthusiast who wants a warm white light (5000K) with a remote control plus the blue light mode. This light comes remote control ready; purchasing the controller will allow you to adjust the power and functions from a camera mount. This will allow you to control the light at a more comfortable position of your choosing. The CB11000PB-RC is a self-contained, compact yet powerful, all-purpose dive light—but it is best suited for video purposes with its extra-wide 120-degree beam and warm white color temperature. Utilizing “Chip on Board” technology, the CB11000PB-RC will provide a beautiful even-toned light source to make any underwater creature pop with natural color. This year’s upgrade includes built-in Blue color LED for fluorodiving performance. This light also features a built-in Red LED function.

11,000 Lumens at 5000K color temperature


  • 85 Color Rendering Index
  • Ready for REMOTE-CTRL-KIT to utilize the remote control feature
  • Built-in Blue Color for fluoro-diving performance
  • The rechargeable Li-ion 27100×4 battery pack (included) gives you two hours on high
  • Four power settings to reduce the intensity and increase battery life
  • Anodized aluminum housing means rugged dependability
  • Color-coded battery indicator
  • 100M depth rating
  • For best practices, here is the suggested charge time

 Battery Model

Charge Time


2-3 hours


Product Specifications

Package Weight

4 lbs


11000 Lumens (Level IV) 5500 Lumens (Level III) 2750 Lumens (Level II) 1375 Lumens (Level I)

Beam Angle


Maximum Depth

100 Meters Tested

Housing Material

Anodized Aluminum Alloy

Light Source

Blue Color Mode 220 Lm, COB Led + 6 XPE Red Led

Power Source

Rechargeable Li Ion 27100×4 battery pack


Dia. 63 X L. 140.6mm


679g (including battery)


-283g (including battery), -273g (including battery)

Color Temperature

5000K (Warm White)

Burn Time

1.5 Hours (Level III) 3 Hours (Level II) 6 Hours (Level I)