Divevolk Seatouch 4 Sealink Contact Type Underwater Wifi Signal Transmitter


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The SeaLink Contact-type underwater Wi-Fi signal transmitter is a unique design that links a smartphone and camera underwater via Wi-Fi connection. It allows users to operate the camera through smartphone or use the smartphone as an underwater monitor for the camera. almost all compact, mirrorless or DSLR cameras have WIFI connection feature that can be operated by their manufacturer's app.

Product Parameters

Model Number




Signal Gain

6 dbi


80 Meters

Wire Length



Package Included

① The SeaLinkTM contact-type underwater Wi-Fi signal transmitter

② L shape bracket

③ I shape bracket

④ M6 screw x 4 pieces

⑤ 1/4 screw x 1 piece

⑥ Gasket x3 pieces

⑦ Quick Start Guide

⑧ EVA packing case

Instruction for use

① Please position the sensor within the screen area of camera housing in case the aluminum alloy camera housing isolates the Wi-Fi signal.

② Do not over-bend the wire, otherwise it will be damaged or affect the waterproof performance.

③ The SeaLinkTM Contact-type Wi-Fi signal transmitter needs to be installed on the expansion clamp of the SeaTouch housing.

④ There may be a slight lag in the image transmission when using the Wi-Fi connection, the transmission status will vary depending of the performance of different cameras.

⑤ It is recommended to complete the pairing and connection of the smartphone and the camera on land before launching into the water.

⑥ In order to use this product better, please watch the operation video before further use.


① Use two M6 screws to fix the sensor on the expansion clamp of the SeaTouch housing

② Position the sensor on the edge of The SeaTouch housing

③ Use a M6 screw to fix the other senor on the L shape bracket

④ Use a M6 screw to fix the L shape bracket on the I shape bracket

⑤ Use the 1/4 screw to fix the I shape bracket on the bottom of the camera housing