Gull Abeam Mask


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The Gull Abeam Mask is a perfect collection to our range of masks in Dive Box. We often noticed that the premium masks of the Gull range, can be a little tough to purchase for some due to the price. We do not want our customers to use masks that do not fit them, and therefore our decision to stock the Gull Abeam Mask.

With all the needless to introduce perfect quality and fit of Gull products, the Gull Abeam Mask is a low volume, yet allows for a wide view. It is suitable for both males and females alike, and the best bang for the buck. It features the DX Spec mask buckle, that is so easy to adjust, and also not forgetting the ease of installing a neoprene mask strap too.

The Gull Abeam Mask will also cater to divers who are into single lens mask, and do not need optical lens installation. With the curl lips design of the mask, there will no silly looking reddish mask outline on your face after a dive!


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