Gull Anelia Mask


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Gull Anelia Mask is an extremely lightweight, and ultra low volume mask that is specially designed for free diving. It weighs a mere 170 grams with an internal volume of only 100 cc. The tough external frame that holds the lens to the silicone allows scuba divers to use this ultra low volume mask too.The all black silicone blocks off light for both scuba and free divers, allowing the diver to focus straight without interference. Being ultra low volume, the mask squeeze is minute, and equalising is easy due to the ease of nose pinching on this model.Gull Anelia Mask features the curl lip design, and soft silicone as the other premium Gull masks. It therefore promotes a comfortable seal on the face. The strap adjustment on this mask is simple, and comes with the retaining clip to secure the excess straps in place. The simple buckle system ensures that the strap do not come loose or shift when free diving or scuba diving.

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