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Gull Barracuda Diving Fins has gained its popularity in Asia due to its responsive spin like kicking effect underwater. This pair of diving fins cuts through current, and is really fast underwater. A versatile choice for those who are doing both Freediving and Scuba Diving.

Not only is this pair of diving fins being introduced as the world’s first ultra long rubber fins, it comes in both Professional and Standard version. The Professional version uses the highest quality Super-X Rubber from Kinugawa corporation, that maximise the quick rebounding action while finning underwater. This version offers brute instant power, but you will need really strong legs, not forgetting that the blade is long.

Standard version are the most popular amongst our customers, for it is much friendlier yet allows for ample, no-complains power. Using the same Super-X Rubber, the rubber formula is softer that allow lighter and easier fin strokes.

Gull Barracuda Diving Fins are produced in limited quantities, and therefore stocks are scarce. Get a free Gull Barracuda Fins Custom Carry Bag with every purchase from us.

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