Gull Classic Skin Topper


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Gull Classic Skin Topper II is available in both male and female design. It has a shiny and rubbery external shell that actually retains the heat, and blocks out the wind. These are useful features especially when diving in area with chilly surface temperatures.

Due to its smoother texture and maximum elasticity, free divers who wants the convenience of putting on a suit will also love the Gull Classic Skin Topper II, as it features a front zip design.

Apart from being a 2mm neoprene wetsuit, the inner surface is lined with FIR material, that actually recycles the heat that would otherwise be lost from the body. FIR generates far-infrared heat and keeps you warmer both during and after the dive.

The neoprene neck and end sleeves allows for both a comfortable head movement, and easy of adjusting the suit when putting it on. Glide efficiently underwater while staying very warm with the Gull Classic Skin Topper II.

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