Gull SCS Wetsuit Pants

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The Gull SCS Wetsuit Pants is made from extremely high quality closed cell neoprene rubber. The unique patented S.C.S (Super Composite Skin) material was specially developed for top international athletics by Yamato Corporation.It uses internal panels that reflect heat, and therefore does not have the bulk of other neoprene pants, yet can still keep the diver warm while being only 1mm. The SCS material also makes wearing the pants easier.What we like about the Gull SCS Wetsuit Pants is that it comes with a butt reinforcement panel, and also a knee protection panel. It is these little details that enhance the durability of the pants.When you look at other divers on the trip getting in and out of a full piece wetsuit, you will be glad that you made this choice along with a matching Gull SCS Front Zip Wetsuit Jacket!


SMALL-Height:155~165 cm, Chest:82~88 cm, Waist:58~76 cm

MEDIUM-Height:155~165 cm, Chest:88~96 cm, Waist:76~84 cm

LARGE-Height:175~185 cm, Chest:96~104 cm, Waist:84~94 cm

EXTRA LARGE-Height:175~185 cm, Chest:104~112 cm, Waist:94~104 cm



SMALL-154~162 cm, Chest:72~80 cm, Hip:79~87 cm

MEDIUM-Height:154~162 cm, Chest:79~87 cm, Hip:58~76 cm

LARGE-Height:154~162 cm, Chest:86~94 cm, Hip:82~90 cm




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