Hollis M1 Mask


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The Hollis M1 Mask is a lightweight frameless mask with matte black silicone finish. It features an ultra low volume design, and with the glass close to the eyes. Key feature of this mask is that it comes with Saint-Gobain Diamant Crystal Clear Lens.

The Hollis M1 Mask is for divers who wants a premium grade mask, that raises the bar for optical quality and clarity. This ultra clear glass is known for its attractive appearance and low iron content, that allows higher light transmittance. This makes the lens distortion free, and helps improve colour and visibility in low light conditions.

With the glass close to eyes, the field of vision through the Hollis M1 Mask is wide. The silicone is very soft and seals well with most medium to large facial shape divers that we tried on. Comes with very stable and easy to operate buckles.


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