Mares Excite Pro Diving Fins


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With the Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Diving Fins being a legendary pair of fins, divers who demand more power and advanced Thermoplastic Rubber formulation, will definitely love the Mares Excite Pro Fins!

New for 2019, the Mares Excite Pro Diving Fins has been optimised for maximum thrust thanks to innovative materials and channel thrust technology! Mares Excite Pro is perfect for both recreational and technical divers, who love the response and performance of their Mares Avanti Quattro Plus, but prefer to have more thrust and power out of it.

Maintain the weight at 2 Pounds / 900 Grams, it has a slighter bigger blade area that generates more power yet optimised for less fatigue. The Mares Bungee Strap allows for easy wearing and removal of the fins, and follows the compression of the neoprene boots regardless the depth.

Divers with smaller feet can now use such fins, as the Mares Excite Pro Fins comes in sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large.

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