Mares Loop Octopus


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Features a unique design that allows to be used either on the ‘Left” or “Right” side of the diver. With the hose positioned under the shoulder, Mares Loop Octopus guarantees a maximum freedom of movement in all directions.

Made from robust, ultra light techno polymer, this diving Octopus is definitely durable enough to withstand the abuse from recreational Scuba Diving. It also features Mares Vortex Assist Design (VAD) ensuring dynamic air flow, that is natural and easy breathing regardless the depth.

The dual vent valve system allow exhalation to be effortless with a decrease in resistance. A soft purge cover in the front allows dexterity in control when purging.

    Mares Ultralight Techno Polymer                 Mares VAD – Vortex Assist Design