Mares Power Plana Diving Fins


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The Mares Power Plana Rubber Diving Fin is considered by many to be an ultimate fin for technical, wreck and cave divers. They come standard with the Mares Bungee Straps to make them very easy to don and doff, plus great value for money. This type of fin is ideal for technical divers due to their high performance regardless of kick type but are equally at home on the foot of any recreational diver.


These fins are nearly one kilogram lighter than the equivalent Scubapro Jet Fins and Hollis F1 Fins. While negatively buoyant, they do not weigh your feet down either. This is beneficial to drysuit divers as it prevents the feet from becoming positively buoyant, and helps to maintain balance and trim.


The patented Mares Bungee Strap is the best solution for both comfort during the dive and donning/doffing. The bungee strap is made from the same strong material as the Mares speargun slings which makes them stretchy but very strong and long lasting. A large heel pad with grip loop makes the fins easy to get on and off. The fins are also supplied with a strap extension piece that lengthens the bungee straps by approximately 15 mm if needed.

US Men's Shoe Sizes: US6-9 = Small, US9-11 = Regular

US Lady's Shoe Sizes: US7-10 = Small, US10-12 = Regular


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