Mares Puck Pro Plus


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The Mares Puck Pro Plus comes with an Ultra-flat design, ensuring the perfect fit for any diver. It is an evolution of the previous Puck Pro model and allows divers to handle multi-mix dives with up to two Nitrox blends (21-99%).

The Mares Puck Pro Plus offers a 3-line layout that provides clean and clear readability and the single button utility ensures ease of usage for immediate and intuitive operation. 

The Mares Puck Pro Plus comes with upgradable firmware and a user-replaceable battery reduces the need for heavy maintenance and its paired usage with the new "BLUELINK" system allows users to download any dive date recorded directly to smartphones via bluetooth, rendering the need for any cables or connectors obsolete. With its modern and adaptable technology, the Mares Puck Pro Plus is highly versatile and perfect for any diver.

Battery: CR2450 (User Replaceable)

Nitrox: EAN 21% to 99%

Maximum Depth: 150m / 492feet

Memory Capacity: 36 hours

    Segment Display                 Software Upgradeability        Gas Switching

    Mineral Glass Display        One Button Control

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