Mares Quad Computer


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The Mares Quad Computer offers a larger screen with a higher definition and large format data display. The Mares Quad Computer also features 2 customisable fields for auxiliary information too.

The top 2 buttons perform the same function and allow the diver to toggle through current depth, maximum depth, average depth, MOD, Deep Stop, or Temperature. Whereas, the lower 2 buttons allow you to toggle Oxygen Percentage, PPO2, CNS, and dive time.

For divers who want a simple to use, no fuss, and more importantly large screen display at a friendly price, the Mares Quad Computer is definitely the best go-to.

New features include:

– Runaway Deco Alarm warns the diver that staying at the current depth, will cause a significant increase in decompression. Best for photographers or videographers that are waiting for the 'shot'.

– Deco Dive Planner with surface interval input that is adaptable to your diving need.

– Dive time can be displayed with or without seconds.

– Multi mixing capability

– Extended battery life, with user-replaceable battery

    Segment Display                 Gas Switching              Software Upgradability

    Mineral Glass Display