Mares Ultra ADJ 82X


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The Mares Ultra ADJ 2nd Stage is made from light Techno Polymer weighing only 192g. It features Twin Power system regulation, and also adjustable breathing comfort to suit your needs. Combined with the extremely high performance 82X 1st stage, this is definitely a powerful combination at an affordable price!


New from Mares is the Ultra ADJ 82X, with the 1st stage featuring a swiveling turret. Yes, you read it right and Mares finally came out with a swivel turret 1st stage, and we wondered what took them so long.


The 82X features natural DFC on all LP ports, which makes this a needless to say high-performance unit. Auto Sealing Technology (AST) features to keep the dirt and corrosive water out when there is no pressure in the system. Finished in Pearl Chrome, the HP ports are tilted for better hose routing on both single or double tanks diving.


The Ultra ADJ 2nd stage is based on a  popular flagship model for Mares but now comes with a performance adjustment knob for fine-tuning breathing performance. The main performance will be handled by the twin power system, so it can be fine-tuned to promote comfort in breathing.


Constructed out of ultra-light Techno Polymer, and using Super Flex Hose, it is lightweight and easy to transport. DIN version weighs 1,118 grams, whereas INT weighs 1,292 grams.


Limited Promotion: Top up SGD 130 for a free Mares Dual Octopus + Dive Box Regulator Bag + Dive Box Pressure Gauge With Hose every purchase. While stocks last.


SPG Upgrade: Top up SGD 50 for an upgrade to Miflex 75 cm Carbon HD + Stainless Steel Bolt Snap 75 mm + 52 mm Pressure Gauge White.








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DIN, INT (Yoke)