Mares Viper Mask


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The new Mares Viper Mask is another innovative and revolutionary free diving mask design by Mares. The Viper mask was developed by free divers for free divers.

The mask skirt is modelled meticulously with attention to the ergonomics of the human face. Designers at Mares were able to design a skirt that offers an unparalleled fit for all face shapes and sizes. Special ergonomic moulding of the non-feathered edge skirt offers incredible comfort, and will keep the mask in place.

The super-soft anti-reflective properties of the silicone provide stealth when hunting and encase the frame for an improved, better-streamlined mask that will reduce drag for free diving professionals.

The Mares Viper Mask offers an extremely low internal volume, while still providing an impressively wide field of vision. This is in thanks to the ultra-clear tempered glass lenses being situated as close as possible to the face of the diver. The Mares Viper Mask also offers an easy to reach nose pocket for one-handed ear equalisation.


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