Oceanic Accel Diving Fins


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The Oceanic Accel Diving Fins are perfect for divers who want an extremely compact pair of fins. It has tough side edges that makes it stiff enough to generate good power. Optional colour kits can be purchased separately to match your style.

The Oceanic Accel Diving Fins weighs less than 3lbs/1.36kg a pair, and allows the diver to do flutter, frog kick, and precision manoeuvres underwater. It features an angled compact blade that has excellent water flow characteristics. The center panel is soft enough to flex while finning, and reduced energy spillage to the sides.

The patented unique heel strap is made out of a very tough and stretchy material. This allows the Oceanic Accel Fins to be worn easily, and also allows for the perfect adjustment with the many holes you can choose from.

Snorkelers will also love this pair of compact fins, and enjoy the benefits of using an open heel instead of the closed.

Some divers might find this similar to the popular Aeries Accel Fins, but with the merger of both Aeries and Oceanic, it is now called the Oceanic Accel Fins.


Men: US 5-7 = XS, US 7-10 = Small, and US 10-12 = Regular

Women: US 7-9 = XS, US9-12 = Small, and US12-14 = Regular

Europe: 37-39 = XS, 39-44 = Small, and 44-46 = Regular

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