Oceanic Geo 4.0 Dive Computer


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The latest in line from the popular Geo series of dive computers now features a larger, crisper display and even comes with Bluetooth capabilities! Allowing you to wirelessly plan, set and log your dives from your mobile device.

Other standout features include Oceanics Dual Algorithm which lets you to pick a decompression algorithm that better suits your need or to closer match the profile of your buddy if they’re using a different algorithm.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity

  • Oceanic’s Exclusive Dual Algorithm: Buhlmann ZHL-16c Based PZ+, or DSAT Based

  • 2 Nitrox Mixes to 100% Oxygen

  • Audible Alarms with User Acknowledgment

  • History Mode and 24 Dive/99 Free Dives On-Unit Log Book

  • Diver-Replaceable Battery with Data Retention

  • Backlight for Night or Low Light Conditions

  • 4 Operating Modes: Watch, NORM, Free Dive and Gauge

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