Oceanic Shadow Mask


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The Oceanic Shadow Mask needs no introduction, as it is a proven mask for more than a decade. It is of a frameless design which is very light weight, and the glass sits close to eyes, allowing a large field of view. This is definitely a low volume mask that is price friendly.A common praise of the Oceanic Shadow Mask from our customers is that the silicone is just so soft, and seals most faces perfectly. Divers with narrower face profile can look at the Oceanic Shadow Mini.It comes with a cave diving style of strap which means that there is no silicone strap to snap over age. The neoprene pad allows for comfortable wearing of mask for both men and women. Tighten it once and lets go diving!Technical divers will also like to have this as a back up mask for it fold down flat, and can be stowed away neatly in the pockets. Available in Black for those who prefer a focused view, and Ice (Clear) for those who prefer more lights coming in.

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Pink ( SGD 10), Black, Ice